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Project Wool Pressing Mat
Project Wool Pressing Mat
Project Wool Pressing Mat

Project Wool Pressing Mat

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Brand: Project Wool


  • HIGHER QUALITY PURE WOOL: Our USA made 14x14, 1/2 inch thick wool pressing mat for quilting uses quality wool from sheep in New Zealand and Australia.
  • EASY: Press your sewing or quilting project as usual. The wool pressing pad absorbs heat and "irons" from both sides, while wool fibers securely hold your fabric in place!
  • PORTABLE WOOL IRONING MAT: One of the best travel accessories! Travel sized, but large enough for convenient use on any craft project.
  • 100% WOOL PAD? NO SUCH THING! - 100% wool wrinkles and warps. Competitors' industrial felt uses low grade filler fibers that could burn or stain your project. We are the first to create an HONEST solution. Questions/comments - we are here for you!
  • CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR QUILTERS - Our felted wool ironing pad for quilters uses the highest quality fibers to keep the primarily pure wool pressing mat from wrinkling or burning. It outperforms industrial felt in every way, or your money back, HASSLE FREE. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Publisher: Project Wool

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