Get To Know: The Pine Falls Quilt

The Blanket Statement Pine Falls Pattern

I wanted to introduce you to an old friend of mine - the Pine Falls Quilt! It was the pattern that truly started it all here at The Blanket Statement.

Check out the Pine Falls PDF and Paper Pattern here

Erin With Pink Pine Falls Baby Quilt

It all began with a funny story (or two). For about a year, my business centred around custom quilt design. This custom pink baby quilt was one of the first orders I ever had! After multiple ultrasounds, the couple was told they were having a girl…but the baby ended up being born a boy! That led them to completely redecorate their pink and rose gold nursery in a brand new colour scheme. Which also then led me to make this turquoise quilt for them as a replacement...the second Pine Falls quilt I ever made!

Turquoise Pine Falls Quilt

Turquoise Pine Falls Quilt 2

Erin Holding Turquoise Pine Falls Quilt

Turquoise Pine Falls Quilt With The Blanket Statement Label

I decided to gift the original pink quilt to my husband Chris’s coworker, who was expecting a baby girl. AND GUESS WHAT? After multiple ultrasounds, their baby came out a boy, too! What are the chances?! 

I then received a custom order for a dark blue version of the quilt (see below). At this point, I was posting a lot of pictures on Instagram of this quilt design. And let me tell you - I was getting bugged nonstop by quilters for me to release the pattern! 

Dark Blue Pine Falls Quilt Hanging In Window

Dark Blue Pine Falls Quilt

Erin Holding Dark Blue Pine Falls Quilt

So, after some careful consideration, my first official pattern was born! I took a leap of faith, wrote the pattern and made several more versions of the quilt - in classic Blanket Statement colours, of course!

The Kona colours I used for this green wall hanging: 

Hand Quilting Green Pine Falls Quilt

Green Pine Falls Quilt Wall Hanging

Green Pine Falls Quilt Showing Backing

When I was first trying to decide on a name for the pattern, it felt overwhelming. This was all completely brand new to me! One thing I knew was that I wanted to have parameters to work with if I was going to be naming more patterns in the future - which I’m proud to say I believed would happen! I also LOVE camping and travelling. So, that’s how I settled on naming my patterns after places around Manitoba! 

Pine Falls is a little town in Manitoba (also known as Powerview) with scenic waterways. I also thought the name was fitting for this design because it looks like a tree when you look at it one way, and a waterfall when you look at it the other way! 

Green Pine Falls Quilt Hanging With Sign

Finley With Green Pine Falls Quilt

In true Erin fashion, I made four more versions of the Pine Falls Quilt! I made the one below from Cotton and Steel - Stitch and Repeat fabric. 

Stitch and Repeat Pine Falls Quilt With Feet

Stitch and Repeat Pine Falls Quilt Holding Up

Erin On Dock Holding Stitch and Repeat Pine Falls Quilt

I made this next one as a custom order, using all reclaimed fabrics!

Erin Holding Yellow Reclaimed Fabric Pine Falls Quilt

Yellow Reclaimed Fabric Pine Falls Quilt

This one was also made from reclaimed fabrics: 

Erin Holding Green Reclaimed Fabric Pine Falls Quilt

Green Reclaimed Fabric Pine Falls Quilt

And for this last one, I used leftover Kona Cotton from my Birch Point quilt. The Kona colours I used were: 

Kona Cotton Pine Falls Quilt In Sewing Room

Holding Up Kona Cotton Pine Falls Quilt In Trees

This was also the first time I worked with pattern testers, which was an incredible experience! Check out their beautiful creations below: 

Pattern Tester wens_was_here

From Wendy @wens_was_here 

Pattern Tester meeshquilts

From Meesh @meeshquilts

Pattern Tester kitchentablequilting

From Erica @kitchentablequilting

Pattern Tester jackiepopham

From Jackie @jackiepopham

Pattern Tester maplewindquilts

From Alexa @maplewindquilts

Pattern Tester xoxosew

From Donna @xoxosew

Pattern Tester wren.collective

From Rachel @wren.collective

Pattern Tester cottonandjoy

 From Fran @cottonandjoy

Ps. Check out Fran's post for an explanation of this perfectly imperfect capture (that we can all relate to)!

If you want to see other wonderful versions of the Pine Falls Quilt, check out the hashtags #pinefallsquilt and #blanketstatementpatterns on Instagram! 

I’d love to know about the first quilt you ever made! Tell us your story in the comments below. 



  • Claire

    This pattern was my first quilt and I finished it TODAY! Such a fun pattern and was very simple, which was perfect for a beginner like me.

  • Denise k

    thanks for sharing the beginnings of your quilting business journey. I LOVE HST quilts!

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