Print Shop Information

Once you’ve purchased a print, you will receive a download link for a zipped folder of high resolution PDFs in your inbox. We suggest that you save it to your desktop, external drive, etc - wherever you would normally save a file!

You’ll then be able to print the file wherever you want, in whichever size you choose! Once you have your print in hand, we highly recommend framing it to match your home’s aesthetic!

Ps. We LOVE seeing TBS Prints in your home, so please make sure to use #TBSPrints when sharing on social media! 

Below you will find the most frequently asked print-related questions. If you have read these over and still have a question regarding TBS prints or printing, please feel free to reach out to us at



Where is my print file?

If you have purchased one of our prints, a download link for a zipped folder of high resolution PDFs will immediately be sent to the email address you used for your order. Please note that sometimes it can take a few minutes for the email to arrive. It’s also a good idea to check that it didn’t end up in your spam folder! If you still can’t find it after trying these things, please email

How big are the print files?

All of the print files have been saved at a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) as that is the ideal density for high-quality printing. The zip files themselves are no larger than 35mb (most of them are quite a bit smaller).

Can I print the file as many times as I want?

Yes! As long as you aren’t reselling or sharing the file with other people, you can do what you please with it!

What sizes are included?

All TBS prints include the following five sizes: 

XS - 8” x 10”  
Small - 11” x 14” 
Medium - 16” x 20”
Large - 18” x 24” 
XL - 24” x 30”

Are custom coloured prints available?

Yes! Many of our prints are already available in multiple colour options within the shop itself, but if there is a specific colour that you are wanting, we can make that happen for a small charge. Simply select the custom option from the dropdown on the print of your choice and email after purchase to discuss print customization. If we don’t hear from you, someone will be in touch within 1-2 business days to discuss your custom order.

Where should I get my art printed?

Anywhere you want! We always recommend supporting your local print shops, but you can also easily print it at a retail store or online printer. Our print files are delivered as high-resolution PDFs which are ideal for professional printing.

Common Print Retailers: VistaPrint, Staples, Costco

You can also print at home if you have a high-quality printer! 

What type of paper should I print it on?

For best results, we recommend acid-free, high-quality, heavy cardstock paper. Any high-quality printing stock will do, but try to avoid lightweight bond paper as it tends to lack opacity and ripple over time. 

Where should I buy my frame(s) from?

The most important thing is to find a frame that you love!

Ikea, Walmart, Amazon and Michaels are all common places to find frames. You can also find beautiful preloved options at Value Village, your local thrift store or even garage sales - buying frames doesn’t have to be expensive!

Where can I get my art framed?

Michaels is a very common place to get art framed, but we recommend doing a quick Google search for custom framers near you!

Do you accept returns?

No, all print sales are final. This is because there is no way to actually return the file once it’s been purchased and emailed to you. 

If you have questions about a print, please reach out to before you make a purchase. If you somehow received the wrong file, please also email us so that we can send you the right one. 

Do you accept international orders?

Yes! That’s the beauty of digital files. They can be emailed to anyone, anywhere!

Can I order a physical print from you?

Not at this time! We are only selling digital prints right now.

Can I submit my own artwork for you to sell in your shop?

Not at the moment, even though we love this idea! If this changes, we’ll make sure to let you know here and on social media.