Get To Know: The Spruce Woods Quilt

Spruce Woods Quilt Pattern

Let me tell you about another old friend of mine - The Spruce Woods Quilt! 

Check out the Spruce Woods PDF and Paper Pattern here.

It all started back in 2018 with a custom order quilt inspired by this Hungarian folk art. So beautiful, right? 

Hungarian Folk Art Inspiration

Here are the original design ideas I had for their quilt: 

Spruce Woods Original Design Ideas

Together with the client, we settled on a design. I ended up creating their quilt using dark blue, red, green and yellow Kona Cotton.

Spruce Woods Dark Blue Red Green Yellow Quilt Block

Dark Blue Green Red Yellow Spruce Woods Quilt

A little while later, I was asked to collaborate with RJR Fabrics for a project called “What Shade Are You?”. This was a blog series where many different quilters were asked to explore that question, what it meant to them and how they would express it through quilting.

This was not as easy of a question as one might think, especially when there were so many beautiful shades to choose from! 

What Shade Are You Colour Samples

I had to choose from their Cotton Supreme Solids to create the quilt that I felt represented me in colours. First and foremost, I knew this quilt would center around the colour green. If I were to trace it back, I think my love of green stems from my love for nature. I grew up camping every summer with my family. We spent most weekends sleeping in a tent, hiking in the forest, sitting by a crackling fire, counting stars and dreaming of our next adventure. This is still one of my favourite activities now that I have a family of my own.

So, I decided to make the quilt with a camping/woodsy theme and named it “Spruce Woods”!

Spruce Woods is a provincial park in Manitoba known for its sand hills, rolling prairies, lush forests and mysterious blue-green ponds. 

To me, the green “flowers” in this Spruce Woods Quilt looked like trees from an aerial view. I chose to use golden colours in the middle to represent a campfire, and the pops of orangey-red are reminiscent of old 70s canvas tents! 

The colours I chose were:

I took this quilt with me on a family camping trip to Tofino, British Columbia - which is where I was able to get these amazing photos!

Erin Holding What Shade Are You Spruce Woods Quilt

Spruce Woods Quilt Mountains

At that point I decided to release it as an official Blanket Statement pattern! 

The Spruce Woods pattern release was scheduled for the fall, so I created a new version using rich, deep autumnal colours in Kona Cotton for the cover quilt: 

Holding Spruce Woods Cover Quilt With Ducks

Spruce Woods Cover Quilt Holding Blocks

Erin With Spruce Woods Cover Quilt Wall Hanging

Spruce Woods Cover Quilt On Tree Stump

Smiths Spruce Woods Cover Quilt Hanging

I was able to work with pattern testers for the second time ever for the Spruce Woods Quilt, and it was again the best experience! Take a peek at their amazing versions: 

Spruce Woods Pattern Tester wren.collective

From Rachel @wren.collective

Pattern Tester khquilts

 From Krystina @khquilts

Pattern Tester xoxosew

From Donna @xoxosew

Pattern Tester maplewindsquilts

From Alexa @maplewindsquilts

Pattern Tester villageboundquilts

From Tiffany @villageboundquilts

Later that same year, I collaborated with Kate & Birdie, a local Winnipeg fabric designer for Moda Fabrics! She had just launched a new fabric line called “True North”, so I created another Spruce Woods Quilt to showcase the adorable Canadian fabric.

True North Spruce Woods Quilt

Erin Holding True North Spruce Woods Quilt

True North Spruce Woods Quilt Red Barn Doors

Check out the hashtags #sprucewoodsquilt and #blanketstatementpatterns on Instagram to see a ton of other amazing versions of the Spruce Woods Quilt made by people all around the world! 

Have questions about this pattern or any other ones in the shop? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out! 

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