FREE Quilt Pattern: The HI! Quilt

HI Quilt Wood Pile

In 2020, I came up with the idea for the HI! Quilt. It stemmed from the fact that I was really starting to miss seeing my friends and family in person - and human interaction in general!

I decided to create it as a FREE pattern - to say hello and thank you all for being part of my little quilting corner of the internet! 

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The goal was to create a quilt that was fun, whimsical and beginner-friendly! It has simple straight line cutting and no triangles or curves. It’s also a two-colour quilt, which is a nice way to use a favourite bold print paired with a solid or other complementary fabric!

HI Quilt Example 1
HI Quilt Example 2

I think this quilt would be a super cute way to welcome a new baby into the world - whether for your own or for someone else! I’ve also always thought it would look great hanging on the wall above a couch or as the perfect addition to a cute gallery wall!

The first HI! Quilt version I made is this adorable two-colour version using Lila's Pressed Flowers from Her and History by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics, Kona Natural for the letters and Ice Peach for the binding!

Erin Holding HI Quilt Wood Wall

During the summer last year, my family went “camping” on a friend’s acreage. Their family used to own Leary Brickworks, a small brick factory that was built in the early 1900s. It’s tucked in the banks of the South Boyne River, just west of Roseisle, Manitoba. 

While we were there, they showed us around the old brick factory and the surrounding grounds, where I was able to grab some really cool photos of this version of the HI! Quilt! 

HI Quilt Bricks
HI Quilt In Grass
HI Quilt Old Building
Erin Smiling Holding HI Quilt
HI Quilt On Bridge Close Up
HI Quilt On Bridge Far Away

In February of 2022, I tried to will spring to come earlier by making this sweet, retro inspired floral version. The fabric is from A Blooming Bunch designed by Maureen McCormick for Moda Fabrics (YES! Like from The Brady Bunch)! 

Aurifil HI Quilt Snow

I densely quilted the floral sections with 50 wt Aurifil Thread in Light Sand 2000 (Canadians, click here). 

Aurifil HI Quilt

Aurifil HI Quilt Thread

I wanted to bring a more vintage feel to this quilt, so I added a hand quilted accent using 28 wt thread in Muslin 2311 (Canadians, click here). 

Aurifil HI Quilt Hand Quilting

And who doesn’t love a good rainbow?! 

I wanted to provide you with an additional multi-colour option of the HI! Quilt with more versatile instructions! 

Rainbow Kona Fabric

For this one, I used the following Kona Cotton Solids:

The letters are Speck in Bronze Metallic from Observer by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics, which I don’t think is available anymore, unfortunately! The backing fabric is Tangrams in Cream Soda from the Darlings Line by Rashida Coleman Hale for Ruby Star Society.

Rainbow HI Quilt Backing
To make this version, you will not use the Fabric A cutting requirements included in the pattern - you’ll want to use this chart below for reference instead: 

Rainbow HI Quilt Cutting Instructions

Keep in mind that the Fabric B cutting instructions will stay the same from the original pattern!

My best suggestion for assembling this version of the quilt would be to lay out all of the pieces into the final quilt arrangement - and then begin piecing. 

Rainbow HI Quilt Pieces

You can use the instructions in the pattern as guidance, but the piece names will no longer precisely match your newly cut pieces! I feel fully confident that you will be able to easily assemble your quilt once it's laid out, though! 

Erin Holding Rainbow HI Quilt

Rainbow HI Quilt Closeup

With the magic of Photoshop, I adjusted the colours to show you another fun rainbow variation! 

Rainbow HI CloseUp Colour Adjust


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Browse through #blanketstatementpatterns and #thehiquilt on social media to see amazing versions of the HI! Quilt (and my other patterns)! And don’t forget to use those hashtags when you make your own!

Here are a few of my favourites:

bearcat.sewing HI Quilt 1

From @bearcat.sewing

bearcat.sewing HI Quilt 2

From @bearcat.sewing

luckysharmsquilts HI Quilt

From @luckysharmsquilts

quilt_on_a_whim HI Quilt

From @quilt_on_a_whim

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Have questions about this pattern or any other ones in the shop? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out! 

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