The Second TBS Sample Sale & CancerCare Manitoba Fundraiser

Rockwood Square

Last year, I made one of my dreams come true by holding the first ever The Blanket Statement Sample Sale & CancerCare Manitoba Fundraiser on my 35th birthday.  

It was such a big success and brought so much joy to my heart, I decided to do it again!

It took place on my birthday - Friday, April 8th!

Green Boreal

A little backstory on why CancerCare Manitoba is so close to my heart. In October of 2019, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer pretty out of the blue. To say that the world feels flipped upside down when a doctor utters the word “cancer” would be an understatement! 

I underwent further tests, imaging and bloodwork to determine that major surgery would be the best course of treatment. We were hopeful that it would be enough to treat all of the cancer, but we knew chemo and radiation could be possibilities down the line. 

I had my surgery on Christmas Eve 2019, and spent Christmas in the hospital. I was able to go home after a few days, and then spent another eight weeks in full-on recovery mode at home.

Erin Hospital Bed
Erin Hospital Bed
There was very little I was able to do myself, but we were extremely lucky to have dear family and friends nearby that were able to help us out. All of this occurred just weeks before Covid shut everything down, and I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if my recovery had happened just a little later! 
Erin and Everett Recovery
Erin Whole Family
Erin Recovery Peace Sign
In February of 2020, I was given the FANTASTIC news from my oncologist that the surgery had been fully successful and that I wouldn’t need any further treatment! THANK GOODNESS!
I still find myself at CancerCare Manitoba every three months for follow up appointments and will continue to do so for a couple more years! 
Erin and Chris at CancerCare

And of course, as you very well know, I make quilts. A LOT of quilts!

Since quilting is not only my hobby, but also my full-time job, I have a lot of hours to dedicate to quilt making. Rumour has it, I’m also a pretty fast quilter! Whether it’s making samples of quilt patterns, playing with new fabric lines or just trying out new techniques…

I. Have. Too. Many. Quilts.

I also have a hard and fast belief about quilts. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE USED AND LOVED! 

Birds Hill Canola

So, that’s another reason why I wanted to hold this sale/fundraiser again! To not only raise funds for an important organization, but to give a bunch of my quilts loving homes at the same time!

The Sale Details

On April 8, 15 quilts made by me went live in the shop, ranging from wall hanging to throw size. 

35% of every quilt purchase was directly donated to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation!

Those who wanted to participate, but couldn’t quite fit a quilt into their budget, had the option to purchase patterns instead that day - with 35% of all pattern sales also going to CancerCare Manitoba! 

Ruby Star Hanging

Through everyone’s incredible generosity, just under $1,500.00 was raised!

I can't put into words how special it was to spend my birthday raising money for such an important cause for a second year in a row. 


Erin and Family 2021


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