Sew Fine x TBS Thread Gloss Collab

Thread Gloss Boreal Quilt
I have been a HUGE fan of Sew Fine Thread Gloss for many years now. If you've never used thread gloss, it's the perfect solution to tangled/knotty/static-y threads while hand sewing! I absolutely love it!
I’ve also been dreaming of a collaboration with them for a long time - and I'm thrilled to say that it finally happened!
For the Boreal Forest Quilt Pattern release, I teamed up with them to create three exclusive Sew Fine X TBS Thread Gloss scents!
The scents we made are fresh and nature inspired - which is only fitting since I am a giant lover of the outdoors. And because the Boreal Forest pattern is inspired by the vast Canadian wilderness!
If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know by now that I’m obsessed with the colour green, which I can most likely attribute to my love for trees, plants and all things nature! What you might not know is that I am also obsessed with the SMELL of trees! I naturally gravitate towards tree smells vs sweet or fruity ones. That’s why the Conifer scent was a total no-brainer!
Conifer is a sharp, sweet and refreshing scent inspired by the coniferous trees of Canada’s vast Boreal Forest.

Conifer Thread GlossNotes of fresh forest fir and evergreen trees.


This one takes me back to the days of summer camp! To me, it smells like a combination of sunscreen, GOOD smelling bug spray (you know, the kind that didn’t work well, but always smelled really nice?), swimming in the lake and breathing in the evening summer air.

Eventide is a fresh and comforting scent inspired by watching the sun set across the lake after a day of adventure.

Eventide Thread Gloss

Notes of bergamot, crushed vanilla pods, ylang ylang and golden patchouli.

Cedar Grove

Another tree inspired scent - who would have thought?!

When my family and I first smelled this scent as a potential option for this collab, we all immediately burst out laughing! This scent is UNDENIABLY what my husband (lovingly referred to as #ChrisTheIntern on social media) smells like! He even jokingly thought I should name it “Chris the Intern”!

I was tempted to write a description for this one that included something like “inspired by tossing on your boyfriend’s oversized hoodie and sitting around a campfire”!

But then I decided…maybe not! So, instead…

Cedar Grove is a warm and earthy scent inspired by a mountain cabin getaway, deep in the Canadian forest.

Cedar Grove Thread GlossNotes of red cedarwood, earthy green moss and soft woods.

Fun fact. I’ve been hand quilting since I was only four years old! Because I wasn't in school yet, I would go with my mom to her weekly quilting group. To keep me occupied, she would give me a tiny quilting hoop, needle and thread!

Pine Falls Hand Quilting

Grand Beach Hand Quilting

Since then, I have tested and tried countless different notions over the years in search of my hand quilting favourites!

That’s why I recently gathered together a curated hand quilting kit - to get any new hand quilters on their way! These kits were also made exclusively for the Boreal Forest Quilt Pattern release!

Boreal Forest Hand Quilting Kit

Each hand quilting kit includes one of the three Sew Fine x TBS Thread gloss scents!

Hand Quilting

You can even buy all three scents as a set - but just note, there are limited quantities available!

Set of 3 Thread Gloss

Have questions? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out! 

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