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With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to put together a little helpful guide of 10 affordable gifts that I use and love - and I think you will love them, too! 

I always try to shop small as much as I can, especially this year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find absolutely everything that’s on this list in stock from a small shop, but I tried my best! I also made sure to include both Canadian and American links where needed.

Take a peek and start making that wish list! Maybe you’ll even find some sweet Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals while you’re at it. If you do, let me know in the comments!

Sew Fine Thread Gloss

Sew Fine Thread Gloss is literally the best thing in the world - no more static-y or tangled threads while hand sewing! It’s made with locally sourced beeswax just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It hasn’t been chemically processed and comes in a variety of yummy scents. My favourite is Ruby Grapefruit! There are even some holiday scents like Candy Cane and Cinnamon Chai. Check them out here.

Hera Marker

The Hera Marker is quite possibly one of the best quilting tools you can have on hand! It makes creases instead of marks on your fabric, and I can vouch that the creases really last. It’s such an easy-to-use tool that every quilter needs. Canadians can find it at Mad About Patchwork and Americans can shop them at Cottoneer Fabrics.

Clover Leather Thimble

Thimbles are a necessity, especially if you hand quilt! We all need a little extra protection between our fingers and that sharp needle. The Clover Leather Thimble molds to your fingers over time like a second layer of skin. Just make sure you get ones that fit your fingers properly! Canadians can find them at The Quilt Store and Americans can shop them on Amazon.

LDH Midnight Thread Snips

Clipped your stitches by mistake? We’ve all been there, including me! The Midnight Thread Snips are perfect for controlled thread cutting. They’re also good for anything else detailed like snipping seam allowances, layering seams or trimming edges. You can grab a pair from LDH Scissors.

Zirkel Pin Cushion

Once you get a Zirkel pin cushion, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll never want to use a different kind again! It’s magnetic, so it can pick up a big pile of pins or needles all at once. And the best part, it magically separates your pins, fanning them out around the outside so you can easily pick one up. Oh, and you can get it in lots of fun colours too! Check them out here.

Aurifil Thread 50 wt

It’s amazing how much of a difference the right thread makes! 50wt Aurifil Thread is a finer thread, but it’s still very strong. Because it’s finer, you can wind more on the bobbin - more time sewing, less time winding! My go-to colour is Natural White (2021)

Cut Loose Press Seam Ripper

We all need a good and reliable seam ripper! I spend more time ripping out seams than I like to admit - but I can’t be the only one, right? This one from Cut Loose Press is super comfortable to hold. The best part is that the cap can be used to easily grab those pesky stray threads. Canadian friends, you can grab yours from Dinky Doo. American friends, you can shop them at Etsy.

QuiltQueen Enamel Pin

I love this enamel pin more than I can express. Do I even need to explain why? And it’s the perfect little stocking stuffer for you or the fellow quilter in your life. You can shop this guy (and a bunch of other amazing things) over at QuiltQueen Studio

The Blanket Statement Pine Falls Quilt Paper Pattern

This one is a no-brainer...hah just kidding! But really, a paper pattern is such a great gift. I just love the feeling of a paper pattern in my hands - it’s like the difference between reading a hardcover book vs reading it on a device. You know? You can shop all of The Blanket Statement’s paper patterns right here.

Glass Head Pins

Last but not least - glass head pins! Not only are they super pretty, but they're very functional. They’re easy to grip and heat resistant, which makes them perfect for piecing. The pins are also really fine, which is great for aligning points and seams. Canadians, you can grab yours from Amazon here, and Americans can grab yours here.

Hope you enjoyed this list - and fingers crossed you get something special from your wish list this year. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 

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