Introducing: The Pine Point Quilt

Pine Point

Just in time for some holiday sewing… it is my pleasure to officially introduce you to the Pine Point Quilt

This modern pattern design is a celebration of the connection of humanity (note the way the blocks seem to point and flow into the next) along with a nod to nature. Keep reading to find out more about what inspired this pattern for me. 

It’s the perfect quilt for confident beginners with multiple customization options to create your own unique vision. 

You can find the PDF pattern here and the paper pattern here!

Pine Point PDF Pattern

Pine Point Paper Pattern

I’d love to tell you all about how this quilt got its name.

Some of my best memories of being together with family and friends have happened on a hiking trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park called… you guessed it… Pine Point! It’s a moderate hike with magnificent views of the river and three sets of rapids (including Point Point Rapids). It’s truly the perfect spot for a picnic and a day of taking in the beautiful Canadian Shield scenery. 

I grew up camping in the same area as the trail and have hiked it at least once a summer for my entire life. It was a favourite activity for my family and is now a favourite for my own kids! If friends visit in the summer, we love taking them on the Pine Point trail because it’s truly magical. 

Pine Point 1 Pine Point 2
Pine Point 3 Pine Point 5
Pine Point 6 Pine Point 7

It only felt right to name this pattern after the trail, especially since the design represents a celebration of connection with family and friends. I love how the blocks seem to beautifully point and flow into the next. 

Plus, I feel like the star design looks like pine trees from a bird’s eye view. Do you see it? 

Pine Point Cover Quilt

Featuring a scaleable, all-over design, the Pine Point Quilt pattern is a delight to make and offers multiple customization options for you to create your own unique vision. 

Because of the pattern‘s scaleability, you can make a large quilt just a little bit quicker! No need to make more and more and more blocks… just cut your pieces a little bigger and BAM! You’ve made a larger quilt!

Pine Point Quilt Top Cover Quilt

This pattern also includes five sizes ranging from Pillow (hello, cute gift) all the way up to King (hello, most generous gift ever). 

  • Pillow – 20” x 20” 
  • Baby – 40” x 40” 
  • Throw – 60” x 60” 
  • Queen – 90” x 90”
  • King – 110” x 110” 

PLUS! We love options around here, which is why the Pine Point Quilt pattern includes a gorgeous nine-colour version and a stunning two-colour variation!

Here are the fabric requirements: 

Pine Point Fabric Reqs

December has been bonkers so far for me, including getting struck with an awful case of the stomach flu. But! I still managed to find some calm in the chaos to finish up three different Pine Point Quilt variations. Here they are: 

Pine Point Cover Quilt

With the timing of the release, I wanted to make the cover quilt using nostalgic Christmas reds and greens! Growing up in the 90s, homes were filled with hunter green and dusty rose decor all year round, but especially during the holidays… my house included! 

Pine Point Cover Quilt

Pine Point Cover Quilt Stairs

Pine Point Cover Quilt Bench

For this nine-colour version in the throw-size, I used the following Kona Cotton colours: 

Pine Point Cover Quilt Trimmings

Pine Point Cover Quilt Bench

Pine Point Cover Quilt

I chose Joyful Boulevard Night from Christmas in the City from Art Gallery Fabrics as the backing and Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Wovens in Flax for the binding.

Pine Point Cover Quilt Closeup

Pine Point Cover Quilt Closeup

For the quilting, I used a scallop stitching pattern available on my Janome MC6700p and used 50wt Aurifil Thread in Muslin. I alternated the direction of the scallops every 10 inches for added visual interest and texture. Check out the quilting in action here

Pine Point Cover Quilt Closeup

Pine Point Cover Quilt Closeup

Hand Quilted Pillow 

Next up, I made this two-colour pillow version. I adore it so much and I’m still trying to decide on who the lucky recipient will be… it might just have to be me! 

Pine Point Two Colour Pillow

Pine Point Two Colour Pillow

Pine Point Two Colour Pillow

The Kona Cotton colours I chose are: 

Pine Point Two Colour HST

Pine Point Two Colour Block

Pine Point Two Colour

For the backing, I went with Cocoa to match the front. I used an envelope enclosure on the back… stay tuned for a blog post tutorial on this in the future! 

Pine Point Two Colour

I hand quilted this one (my favourite pastime) using 28wt Aurifil Thread in Black. I decided to use wool batting to give it some extra loft and puffiness! 

Pine Point Hand Quilting

Pine Point Hand Quilting

Pine Point Two Colour

Pine Point Two Colour

Peach & Yellow 

Lastly, I made this nine-colour peach and yellow version in the throw size. It might just be my favourite Pine Point version! 

Pine Point Peach Yellow Quilt Top

This colour combination isn’t a new one for me! I used a similar set of colours for the Star Lake cover quilt and a Home Street wall hanging.

Star Lake Cover Trees

Home Street Wall Hanging

The wall hanging lives between my dining room and pantry. I see it multiple times every single day and I just love it SO much. I knew I needed to work within a similar palette for Pine Point! 

Want to make your own quilt in a similar colourway? Fabric bundles for the Star Lake cover quilt and the Home Street are available in the shop! 

For the Kona Cotton colours, I used: 

Pine Point Yellow Peach Trimmings

Pine Point Peach Yellow Trimmings

Pine Point Peach Yellow Door

I chose Winterglow Ski Peeps in Natural from Ruby Star Society for the backing. Watch me baste at super speed here 

Ski Peeps

I’ve decided to hand quilt this one, so let’s be honest… it’s going to take me a while! Since it’s still a work in progress, I haven’t added the binding yet… but I can almost guarantee that when the time comes, it will be a striped Essex Linen

I typically go with a 28wt Aurifil Thread when hand quilting, but I’m actually opting for a 12wt this time! Because of the large scale of the blocks, there is a little more negative space and I feel like the 12wt will bring a better balance. When quilt pieces are a little smaller, 28wt feels like a better option. 

Pine Point Yellow Peach Hand Quilt

Pine Point Fabric Bundles

If you’re ready to make your own Pine Point Quilt, we’ve made things easy for you! There are curated bundles in the shop for all three versions of the Pine Point Quilt! 

Pine Point Cover Quilt Bundle

Pine Point Yellow Peach Bundle

Pine Point Two Colour Bundle

Ps. The two-colour quilt bundle is available in both a Throw and a Pillow size! 

To make this release even MORE exciting, we also added some amazing stickers to our collection!

Rogue Sticker

Rogue 2 Sticker

Better Done Sticker

Press On Sticker

If you make your own Pine Point Quilt, I would be so happy to see it! It’s one of my favourite things ever to see your TBS quilts. Just make sure to use the hashtags #pinepointquilt and #blanketstatementpatterns… and you might just get featured on social media or in my newsletter! 

Pine Point Cover Quilt in the Park

Have questions about this pattern or any other ones in the shop? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out! 

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