Introducing: The Star Lake Quilt

Star Lake Cover Square

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I am very excited to officially introduce you to the Star Lake Quilt! 

You can find the PDF pattern here and the paper pattern here!

Let’s go back to the very beginning! For a while now, I’ve had an idea for an angular, straight-line pattern design. Once I created the design and repeated the block, it looked nothing at all like I had envisioned in my head! And dare I say…it actually looked quite terrible! 

So, I decided to play around with the same blocks to see what else I could come up with. I tried different repeating patterns, rotated them in all sorts of different ways. I even tried different colours. Eventually, I ended up with a star-like design! 

Star Lake Blocks Floor

This excited me since I have always wanted to make a pattern with a star element, which is such a classic motif within traditional quilting. That being said, Star Lake isn’t as obviously star-like as I had always intended, so there MAY just be another star pattern in the future!

The design started with just four colours, but I felt that it looked much more interesting with six - which also means less fabric per colour! 

Star Lake Peek Dog

After all of that, a STAR was born! Get it?

Now, how did I come up with the name for Star Lake? I feel like it mostly speaks for itself, but I love how it has a gorgeous kaleidoscope feeling. The centre radiates, making a repeating star shape and almost feels like water ripples after dropping a rock into the lake!

Star Lake Cover Harbour

Star Lake Cover Stairs

If you’re new here, you might not know that I name pretty much all of my patterns after towns or places in Manitoba. Star Lake is a cottage community within Whiteshell Provincial Park, located just west of West Hawk Lake - another place I have a pattern named after! It’s known for its rustic Boreal Forest, beautiful sunsets…and yes, starry night skies! 

Star Lake Erin Sign

Star Lake Cover Sign

Star Lake Cover Sign

Star Lake is a block-based pattern, meaning it has a repeating block that rotates. This is one of the reasons why it’s beginner-friendly! My other block-based patterns include: 

I really like that Star Lake isn’t obviously a block-based pattern. Just like with Birds Hill and Grand Beach, I took a block that might be a tad underwhelming on its own, twisted and turned it in some weird and interesting ways, and ended up with a cool overall design! 

In other words, Star Lake is the best of both worlds between traditional repeating blocks and an overall modern design. 

Star Lake PDF Pattern

Star Lake Paper Pattern

The Star Lake Quilt pattern is appropriate for quilters of all skill levels and is a fast finish! If you love half square triangles, you’ll definitely love making this quilt! 

(Check out this blog all about how to make half square triangles!) 

Star Lake Cover HSTs

Four sizes are included with the pattern:

  • Wall Hanging - 24” x 24” 
  • Baby - 42” x 42”
  • Throw - 72” x 72” 
  • Bed - 96” x 96” 

The pattern also includes a six colour option and a BONUS two colour variation!

And here are the fabric requirements!

Star Lake Fabric Requirements

Star Lake Cover Quilt 

The colours of the Star Lake cover quilt are an homage to a starry night sky, especially the yellow and black. Here are all of the Kona colours I used: 

The backing is Cosmos in Black by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society (108” wide back) and the binding is Caramel.

Star Lake Cover Ma Tante

 Photo by Shelly from Ma Tante Quilting

I had Shelly from Ma Tante Quilting quilt this one with a crystal ball panto and she did such a beautiful job, as always! This seemed like a perfect quilting choice to me because it reminded me of the water ripple inspiration I mentioned earlier! 

Star Lake Cover Ma Tante

 Photo by Shelly from Ma Tante Quilting

Something I probably should have said earlier is that I find Star Lake SO much fun to make! I also had so many ideas for it that I ended up making FIVE other versions! Check out this blog post to meet the rest of them! 

Star Lake Fabric Trimmings

Fabric Bundles 

Yes! I have Star Lake fabric bundles (throw size) available in the shop! There is a handful of each Kona version available, including the cover quilt!

Get your hands on them fast, since there are very limited quantities! 

Fabric Bundles


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On Monday, I’ll be sharing the pattern tester versions of Star Lake in another blog post! You’re not going to want to miss those!

If you decide to make your own Star Lake, please make sure to use the hashtags #starlakequilt and #blanketstatementpatterns. It’s one of my joys in life to see your creations!

Have questions about this pattern or any other ones in the shop? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out! 

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