The Landmark Quilt: Boho-Inspired Version

Landmark Boho Lake

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Remaking older patterns is sort of like returning home.

This is precisely how I felt while recently making a new boho-inspired Landmark Quilt!

A friend of mine has a son who is getting married this summer and I decided to make a quilt for him and his fiancee as a wedding gift.

So, why did I choose to make them a Landmark Quilt? A few reasons, actually. Their style is very bohemian. They love all things vintage, organic colours and geometric shapes. In fact, in their engagement picture, I spotted a pillow with geometric and triangular shapes that I pulled from as inspiration! 

Instagram Pic

I sent the groom's mom a couple of different quilt pattern options and mockups that have that sort of geometric feel including Star Lake and of course, Landmark. 

Star Lake Boho Mockups

Star Lake Mockup 3

Landmark Mockup

In the end, she chose Landmark because of its vintage and traditional, yet still modern feel. Quilt patterns with a large, overall design tend to lean much more modern in design. Because Landmark is a block-based design made up of smaller and more intricate piecing, it ended up being the perfect choice!

When it came to colour choices, I pulled inspiration from the same photo! Their home decor/clothing colours/wedding colours are very boho with lots of terracotta, mustard yellow and deep jade greens. 

Landmark Boho Inspo

I quickly did a Pinterest search and found that most boho colour combinations include exactly those three colours! So, we went with it!

Check out my Boho Colour Inspiration Pinterest board here!

I was finding it a tad difficult to seamlessly blend all these colours together into one cohesive design. However, Landmark’s design has lines that act as a subtle border, so I knew that using a contrasting jade green would work really well for that. 

Boho Landmark In Progress

Landmark Boho Quilt Blocks

Landmark Boho Quilt Top

Here are the Kona colours I went with: 

Landmark Boho Fabric Pull

Boho Landmark Fabrics

I used Curry for the binding (bound by hand) and Moonglow in Dahlia from Ruby Star Society for the backing. I picked this because it had the perfect boho/tattoo look (they both love tattoos) and it just felt so young and hip!

Landmark Boho Binding Car

For the machine quilting, I did a similar “S” shape as I did for the Prairie Rose cover quilt, but used 1 ¼” spacing instead, using my walking foot as a guide. I really wanted it to feel organic with a soft and drapey look!

Landmark Boho Quilting

I used Aurifil’s 40wt thread in Muslin 2311 because I liked that it had a thicker weight to it. I then used 50wt thread (Canadians, click here) in the bobbin so that it was finer on the back.

I felt like this quilt could handle a bit more of a “chunky” look because of the pattern’s negative space. So, these thread choices gave it some extra oomph! 

Landmark Boho Trees

I added a final touch with a hand-sewn, homemade label...

Landmark Boho Label

And I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! 

Landmark Boho Quilt Bundled

In fact, I loved this quilt so much that I created Landmark Boho-Inspired fabric bundles, available in the shop now! 

Landmark Boho Fabric Bundle

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If you decide to make your own version of the Landmark Quilt, please make sure to use the hashtags #landmarkquilt and #blanketstatementpatterns so that I can see your lovely creation!

Have questions about this pattern or any other ones in the shop? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out!  

Landmark PDF Pattern

Landmark Paper Pattern



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