Valentine’s Day-Inspired TBS Quilts


Valentine’s Day is one of those “holidays” that’s funny to me. I love love and will always take opportunities to show appreciation for my husband and all of the wonderful humans in my life. But I’ve never reserved that affection for one specific day, so Valentine’s Day has never actually held that much meaning for me personally. 

That doesn’t mean we have never celebrated it, though! Enjoy some cute photos of Chris and I when we were just babies in love! This was our first Valentine’s Day together way back in 2006. 






I also know that there are some people who would rather do ANYTHING other than participate in the day. My sister, for example, hilariously renamed Valentine’s Day to “Puke Day” when we were kids and it just sort of stuck for our family! 

With this in mind, I wanted to make quilt mockups that would appease both groups! Whether you love red, pink, hearts and Cupid or vibe more with the anti-Valentine’s Day crowd, hopefully there’s something here that will catch your eye!


I personally think the mockups that really lean into the Valentine’s Day theme would also work well for baby quilts or for any lover of pink in your life. The anti-Valentine’s mockups could pass as Halloween quilts or even create the perfect quilt for a Wednesday Addams fan - who I also imagine would use the term “Puke Day”!

With all of that being said, these colours truly can work all year round! There are no rules here. 

Below is the palette I used for the Valentine’s Day mockups: 


I did my best to find the closest matches with the following Kona Cotton colours: 

And this is the palette I used for the anti-Valentine’s Day mockups: 


I did my best to find the closest matches with the following Kona Cotton colours: 

Feel free to customize the colours and fabrics as you wish for your own quilt, but hopefully these lists give you a good start! 

Here’s a closer look at all of them: 

VdayMockupStarLake PukeDayMockupStarLake
VdayMockupSpruceWoods PukeDayMockupSpruceWoods
VdayMockupPaintLake PukeDayMockupPaintLake
VdayMockupCrossLake PukeDayMockupCrossLake
VdayMockupLandmark PukeDayMockupLandmark
VdayMockupRidingMountain PukeDayMockupRidingMountain
VdayMockupOMS1 PukeDayMockupOMS1
VdayMockupOMS2 PukeDayMockupOMS2
VdayMockupBirchPoint PukeDayMockupBirchPoint
VdayMockupWestHawk PukeDayMockupWestHawk
VdayMockupHomeStreet PukeDayMockupHomeStreet
VdayMockupGrandBeach PukeDayMockupGrandBeach
VdayMockupChurchill PukeDayMockupChurchill
VdayMockupBoreal PukeDayMockupBoreal
VdayMockupPineFalls PukeDayMockupPineFalls
VdayMockupBirdsHill PukeDayMockupBirdsHill
VdayMockupPrairieRose1 PukeDayMockupPrairieRose1
VdayMockupPrairieRose2 PukeDayMockupPrairieRose2
VdayMockupRockwood PukeDayMockupRockwood
VdayMockupSteepRock PukeDayMockupSteepRock

Looking back at past quilts I’ve made, some of them definitely could pass as Valentine’s Day quilts! You’ll probably notice that when I use “pink”, I actually lean more into peach tones rather than true pinks. Here’s a few of them: 

Pink Pine Falls Quilt



This custom pink Pine Falls baby quilt was one of the first orders I ever had!

I think pink quilts are perfect for any gender, but the couple I made this for was really excited to have a pink quilt for their soon-to-be-born baby girl. After multiple ultrasounds confirming the baby was a girl, the couple had a big surprise when the baby was born a boy!

I decided to gift it to my husband’s coworker, who was also expecting a baby girl. AND GUESS WHAT? Their baby came out a boy, too! What are the chances?!

Pink Churchill Quilt



I made this pink Churchill Quilt using fabrics from the Home collection by Sarah Golden for Andover Fabrics. I used Ditsy Butterscotch and Ditsy Rose for the half square triangles. The background is Rose Grid Dot from the same collection, and the backing is Luna and Laurel’s Perfectly Imperfect.

Purple Mini Churchill Quilt



Before Churchill was an official pattern, I made this tiny square version for Curated Quilts magazine! The submission required a specific colour palette, so I had fun adding in some strips of colour to the half square triangles. Here are the Kona Cotton colours I used:

Pink Steep Rock Quilt 


Pink Steep Rock Closeup

I made this custom Steep Rock baby quilt for close friends of ours using reclaimed cotton in peaches and pink. Around the time when I made this quilt, I had also just launched The Blanket Statement. This was actually the first finished quilt I shared on my Instagram after officially launching!

Birds Hill Cover Quilt 



I joined the 2019 Pantone Quilt Challenge put on by Rebecca from Bryan House Quilts, which involved creating a quilt using shades as close as possible to the Pantone shade for that year called “Living Coral”. The design I chose was inspired by various graphic design posters that my husband Chris and I were looking through. We were coming across so many interesting shapes and patterns with simple block shapes, so I decided to make a quilt design using the same type of influence! I knew right from the beginning of the design phase that I wanted this to become my next quilt pattern. So, I used this peach quilt as the cover version of the Birds Hill Pattern! Here are the Kona Cotton colours I used: 

Floral Grand Beach Quilt



I made this Grand Beach baby quilt using the newly released (at the time) Lindley Lawn from Ruby Star Society! Here's the full list of fabrics I used for this one:

Purple & Peach Boreal Forest Quilt 



This Boreal Forest baby quilt was made with one of my most-used colour combos. The Kona Cotton colours I used were: 

The background is Snow and the backing is Over the Rainbow - Flowers by Ampersand Design Studio!

I also think it has a similar vibe to the winter mockup, but with a little more saturation! 

Home Street Cover Quilt 



This Home Street cover quilt was made as an autumn quilt, but it can definitely pass as a Valentine’s Day quilt, too! Especially if you swapped out the Ochre for another pretty pink colour. The Kona Cotton colours I used were: 

The backing is Moxie Floral in Neon Pink from the Primavera collection by Rifle Paper. I’ve had this fabric for a while and couldn’t find the perfect quilt for it...until this one! 

Star Lake AGF Baby Quilt 



I made this Star Lake baby quilt in Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids! It’s a slightly out-of-the-box colour palette for me, but really not too far! I love the pretty and soft look of these muted tones. Here are AGF Pure Solids I used: 

The backing is Her & History’s Ida’s Pressed Flowers from Art Gallery Fabrics. I used Blushing for the binding and hand quilted it using 28wt Aurifil Thread in Muslin (2311).

South Cross Quilt 

South Cross Quilt

South Cross Quilting

And for good measure, I had to include one more for the anti-Valentine’s folks out there! This is one of my versions of the South Cross Quilt, which is releasing on February 20th! The Kona Cotton colours I used are: 

If you make your own Valentine’s Day and/or anti-Valentine’s Day quilt using a TBS pattern, don’t forget to use the #blanketstatementpatterns hashtag. You just might get featured on my social media and/or newsletter! 

Have questions about any of these patterns? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out! 

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