The West Hawk Quilt: Sprout Wovens Version

West Hawk Sprout Wovens

Can you imagine a more beautiful combination than the West Hawk Quilt and Sprout Wovens by Fableism Supply Co? 

They’re perfect together, if I do say so myself. 

But here’s the truth. I was embarrassed when I finished this quilt. Not because of how it looked… but because of how long it took me to complete it.

*Spoiler Alert! This is silly, don’t be like me.* 

It took me 16 months. Yes, SIXTEEN months from start to finish! Between social media making it seem like people can make a quilt in a day and actually being the kind of quilter who HAS made a quilt in a day, this timeline felt strange to me. 

First, it’s important to remember that many quilts can take years to finish. Second, this wasn’t a quilt I started 16 months ago and then abandoned. I literally worked on it on and off during that whole time.

West Hawk Sprout Wovens

I also can’t claim it took me this long because it’s super intricate or has 1648 tiny pieces… because it isn’t and it doesn’t. Yes, I hand quilted it… but I just did basic straight lines. Nothing fancy there, either. 

So, why did it take me so long? The answer is simple. Because quilting is a slow hobby and that’s part of what makes it SO wonderful! 

Take as long as you want and as long as you need to make your quilt! Ignore the feeling that you need to make a new quilt every week. That’s just crazy. 

And we all know not to compare ourselves to others, but also… don’t compare yourself to others, okay? 

Maybe you needed these reminders as much as I did. Now that we got all of that out of the way, here are the details of the quilt! 

West Hawk Sprout Wovens

As I mentioned, I used the beautiful Sprout Wovens for this quilt and purchased them from Sew Curated

At the time, I was working on a Prairie Rose Quilt using Sprout Wovens and I loved the fabrics so much that I decided I needed to order more! 

I knew they would be perfect for a West Hawk Quilt to gift to my father-in-law. The fabrics and colours complement our family cabin so well, which is located on the lake just next to West Hawk Lake. See the original reveal of the quilt top here

Here are the colours I chose: 

Sprout Wovens Colours

The backing is Dear Isla Meadow in Twilight from Cotton + Steel.

West Hawk Sprout Wovens Closeup

The binding is Fableism’s Everyday Chambray in Sunshine and I did big stitch hand binding using 12wt Auriful Thread in Linen

West Hawk Sprout Wovens Binding

I pieced the quilt on my Janome MC6700p and hand quilted it using the same 12wt Auriful Thread in Linen.

West Hawk Sprout Wovens Hand Quilting

West Hawk Sprout Wovens Label

For the final finishing touch, I hand-sewed on this custom engraved, faux leather quilt label gifted to me from GrainDeep! Isn’t it beautiful? 

West Hawk Sprout Wovens Label

Sixteen months or not, I could not be more pleased with how this quilt turned out… and I can’t wait to gift it to someone very special to me! See it in action here

West Hawk Sprout Wovens Erin

Did you know? The West Hawk Quilt pattern includes five sizes and a bonus rainbow scrap-friendly variation! It’s an excellent quilt for anyone from beginners to seasoned quilters.

If you’re curious about other West Hawk versions I’ve made in the past and how the pattern came to be, check out this blog post here. It has lots of pictures and behind-the-scenes details!

If you’ve made your own West Hawk Quilt, don’t forget to use the hashtags #westhawkquilt and #blanketstatementpatterns on Instagram so that I can see it! Plus, there’s a chance you could be featured on my social media and/or newsletter!

Have questions about the West Hawk pattern or any other ones in the shop? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out!  

West Hawk Cover Image

West Hawk Paper Pattern




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