Fall-Inspired TBS Quilts

Fall Spruce Woods

It’s hard to believe that summer is really over! Here in Manitoba, the air is crisp and the leaves are falling quickly. We’ve even had a bit of snow already! 

The change in season really put me in the mood to get cozy and create some fall-inspired mockups for all of my existing patterns! 

Fall Mock Ups

I love how they create such a beautiful and cohesive collection when they’re all together!

Because there are so many different colours used for these mockups, I can’t list them all. But if you’re wanting to make a similar version, I recommend sending or bringing a picture of the mockup to your local (or online) quilt shop so that they can help pick colours that match as close as possible!

Here are closeups:  

Star Lake Fall Mockup
Spruce Woods Fall Mockup
Paint Lake Fall Mockup Cross Lake Fall Mockup
Landmark Fall Mockup Riding Mountain Fall Mockup
OMS Fall Mockup 1 OMS Fall Mockup 2
Birch Point Fall Mockup West Hawk Fall Mockup
Home Street Fall Mockup Grand Beach Fall Mockup
Churchill Fall Mockup Boreal Fall Mockup
Pine Falls Fall Mockup Birds Hill Fall Mockup
Prairie Rose Mockup 1 Prairie Rose Mockup 2
Rockwood Fall Mockup Steep Rock Fall Mockup

And while I’m in a cozy mood, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the fall-inspired quilts I’ve made in the past! 

West Hawk Quilt

West Hawk On Grass

West Hawk Quilt Hand Quilting

This West Hawk Quilt is still a work in progress, but I had to showcase it because I’m using such pretty autumn colours from Fabelism’s Sprout Wovens Collection for it! I’ll be gifting this one to my father-in-law. The colours felt perfect for him - and for the family cabin where it will eventually live. Here are the colours I used: 

    Spruce Woods Quilt 

    Spruce Woods Quilt

    Spruce Woods Ducks

    I released the Spruce Woods Quilt pattern during fall a few years back, so I created the cover quilt using these deep and rich autumnal colours in Kona Cotton:

    Steep Rock Quilt 

    Steep Rock OG Logs

    Steep Rock OG Fabric

    Around the time when I made this custom baby Steep Rock Quilt, I had just launched The Blanket Statement. And this was actually the first finished quilt I shared on my Instagram after officially launching! I made this one for close friends of ours using reclaimed cotton in colours that I think feel soft and fall-like! 

    Birds Hill Quilt 

    Manchester Birds Hill Grass

    Birds Hill Manchester Cotton Wirl

    In the fall of 2020, I made a custom order Birds Hill Quilt (which I still occasionally do!) using Manchester Embroidered Cotton from Stacked Fabric Company. I find this fabric to be SO soft and cozy - perfect for those cooler fall evenings! I used the following colours: 

    Riding Mountain Pillow 

    Riding Mountain Pillow

    Riding Mountain Pillows

    Riding Mountain was my first pattern to include a pillow size! It was released in the fall of 2019. I made this pillow using Add It Up by Alexia Marcelle Abegg for Ruby Star Society - one of my favourite designers! I loved that this line of fabric had a warm feel with some extra dimension. I chose: 

    The backing is an upcycled flannel plaid sheet, adding an extra comfy touch! 

    Birch Point Quilt 

    Birch Point Terrakotta in Field

    Birch Point Terrakotta Fence

    I made this throw-size Birch Point Quilt using the gorgeous Capsules Terrakotta Collection from Art Gallery Fabrics: 

    It wasn’t intentional to make this one look like an autumn quilt, but I feel like these prints could represent the fall blooms and bright colours of early autumn! 

    Rockwood Quilt 

    Wild Forgotten Rockwood

    Wild Forgotten Rockwood Floor

    When I released the Rockwood Quilt, I had hoped to have the beautiful Wild Forgotten fabrics designed by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics in my hands, but the package got held up at the border for weeks. However...the wait was SO WORTH IT! I actually think the timing of it arriving in fall was exactly how it was meant to be because just look at how the fabric perfectly matches the gorgeous autumn leaves!

    I used Catkin Oats for Fabric A and fat quarters of the following for Fabric B: 

    I used Crocus Raven for the backing and Pure Solids Honey for the binding!

    Home Street Quilt 

    Home Street Cover Quilt

    Home Street Cover Machine

    The first version of Home Street that I made was this throw-size cover quilt in purples, oranges and peaches. I picked these colours because it was autumn at the time and I knew how gorgeous it would look with the changing leaves!

    The Kona Cotton colours I used were: 

    The backing is Moxie Floral in Neon Pink from the Primavera collection by Rifle Paper. I’ve had this fabric for a while and couldn’t find the perfect quilt for it...until this one! 

    Landmark Quilt 

    Boho Landmark Road

    Boho Landamark Folded

    A friend’s son got married in the summer and I decided to make a Landmark Quilt for him and his new wife as a wedding gift. When it came to colour choices, I pulled inspiration from their home decor/clothing//wedding colours. They lean towards boho colours like terracotta, mustard yellow and deep jade greens, which also translate well to fall colours! Here are the Kona colours I went with: 

    I used Curry for the binding (bound by hand) and Moonglow in Dahlia from Ruby Star Society for the backing.

    Prairie Rose Quilt 

    Prairie Rose Two Colour Grass

    Prairie Rose Two Colour Binding

    I made this two-colour version of the Prairie Rose Quilt in the baby size. Well, technically I made TWO of the two-colour version and made it into one by quilting the two tops together…because why not! I used Kona Natural and Caramel for a sweeter feel. The Caramel colour reminds me of harvested wheat fields and pairing it with the soft white creates a soft and organic look.

    Old Market Square Quilt

    Old Market Square Dog

    Old Market Square Quilting

    Because I was loving the Kona Natural and Caramel combination so much (see one quilt above), I ended up making this version of my FREE Old Market Square Quilt pattern in the same colours. It’s actually a smaller version than the ones listed in the pattern, but I made sure to include tips in the pattern on how to easily resize it to whatever size you want!

    Churchill Quilt 

    Pink Churchill Trees

    Pink Churchill Floor

    This Churchill Quilt was made using fabrics from the Home collection by Sarah Golden for Andover Fabrics. I used Ditsy Butterscotch and Ditsy Rose for the half square triangles. The background is Rose Grid Dot from the same collection, and the backing is Luna and Laurel’s Perfectly Imperfect. I feel like the soft pinks and browns create a sweet fall look! 

    "Jelly Roll" Quilt 

    Autumn Jelly Roll Quilt

    Autumn Jelly Roll Quilt 2

    I made this Jelly Roll Race inspired quilt when I first launched The Blanket Statement’s shop and was selling quilts - before my pattern selling days! I made quite a few of this style back then - it’s so easy and fun! This one is made from all reclaimed fabrics and scraps of sheets etc. that I had lying around - in fall colours, of course! Fun fact…I ended up selling this one to someone in Australia, which was my first ever international sale! 

    Half Square Triangles Quilt 

    OG Triangle Quilt

    OG Triangle Quilt Wall

    This is a quilt I designed during the early days of The Blanket Statement. It’s made up of TONS of half square triangles in fall-inspired colours - and you might be familiar with my love for HSTs by now! This is one I could potentially make into a pattern one day. You’ll just have to wait and see! 

    Iris Quilt

    Iris Quilt On Street

    Iris Quilt On Chair

    I love this Iris Quilt for a few reasons. Not only is it a gorgeous pattern (especially in these autumn-inspired colours), but it was designed by one of my favourite people - Jennifer of Penelope Handmade! This pattern is perfect for beginners and comes together in a jiff. It’s also fat quarter friendly for some of the sizes! 

    Doodle Line

    If you make your own fall-inspired quilt using a TBS pattern, don’t forget to use the #blanketstatementpatterns hashtag. I’d love to see what you come up with and you just might get featured on my social media and/or newsletter! 

    Have questions about any of these patterns? Please reach out to hello@theblanketstatement.ca and we’ll help you out!  

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