The Falcon Ridge Quilt: Rainbow Version

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Erin

The Falcon Ridge Quilt just released, and I’ve been having so much fun making different versions of it!

My original vision and design for this pattern uses colours in a radiating ombré effect to mimic the sun setting over a lake. You can read more about it here!  

But you know me… I love a good rainbow quilt (check out a recent Steep Rock quilt here).

I wanted to continue exploring my creativity in a fun and colourful way, which is how I ended up making this retro-inspired, rainbow Falcon Ridge quilt!

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Ski ChaletFalcon Ridge Rainbow Red Wall

To make this Falcon Ridge rainbow version, the fabric requirements are a little bit different from the original pattern… so, I wanted to make sure you had all the details to make your own! 

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Ski Chalet

Here’s the main difference… the original pattern has eight colours, whereas the rainbow variation has fourteen. It’s really just a simple alteration! 

Below is a look at the fabric requirements or you can download a PDF copy here

 Falcon Ridge Rainbow Reqs

This pattern is made up of two different blocks, the stripes/ridges and the mountain blocks. No changes need to be made to the mountain blocks, you will make those as instructed in the pattern.  

In the original design (shown below), all the striped blocks are made up of the same 6 fabrics. However, as you can see, the rainbow version uses two different, alternating striped blocks. I went with a cool-toned block and a warm-toned block!

Falcon Ridge OG vs Rainbow

The striped blocks are made by cutting WOF (width of fabric) strips, sewing them together into strip-sets and then sub-cutting into the blocks. Reference your pattern for detailed instructions. 

All you need to do is take the required number of strip-sets for your quilt size and divide them in half between your two coloured blocks. 

For example, if the pattern calls for you to cut and sew (6) strips sets, instead you will cut and sew (3) cool-toned sets and (3) warm-toned sets. Always ensure the total number of strip-sets adds up to the required number listed in the pattern. 

That’s all!  

For your convenience, I have put together a layout reference for the six different sizes (I made the Baby size):  

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Layout Reference

Here are the Kona Cotton colours I used… but as always, feel free to choose whatever colours you like best!

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Colours

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Fabric

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Fabric

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Cool

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Machine

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Feet

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Dance Hall

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Erin

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Ski Chalet

I am lucky enough to still have some of the original Starry fabric by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society in my stash and Papaya was perfect for the backing.  I finished the quilt with Essex Linen in Licorice for the binding.

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Fabric Pull

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Machine

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Binding

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Closeup


Falcon Ridge Rainbow Closeup

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Closeup

For the quilting on this one, I decided to go with the same scallop style as I did for the Pine Point cover quilt. This is a stitching design available on my Janome MC6700p. I wanted it to look like waves on the blue/cool-toned colours and like a sunrise or sunset on the warmer-toned colours! I achieved this by alternating the direction of the scallop design depending on which blocks I was quilting! I used 50wt Aurifil Thread in Muslin

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Erin Machine

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Machine

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Closeup

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Closeup

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Closeup Feet

For those of you who are ready to make your own rainbow Falcon Ridge Quilt, there are bundles in the shop to make this exact version! 

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Bundle

And if you’re ​​interested in seeing some of the other Falcon Ridge versions I’ve made (plus all the behind-the-scenes details), check out this blog post here

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Skihill Erin

Falcon Ridge Erin Skihill

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Skihill

Made your own Falcon Ridge Quilt? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #falconridgequilt and #blanketstatementpatterns on Instagram so that I can see it… and you might just get featured on my social media and/or in my newsletter!

Falcon Ridge Rainbow Erin

Have questions about the Falcon Ridge pattern or any other ones in the shop? Please reach out to and we’ll help you out!  

Falcon Ridge PDF Pattern

Falcon Ridge Paper Pattern






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